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Lumi Lashes

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Lumi Lashes are products to create a DIY eyelash extension at home, quickly and easily, with the result that you have been to a salon. Within 10 minutes you have a new set of lashes in place that last up to 7 days and are also great to clean and reuse several times. With different lengths and volume of the lashes, you can vary your style as often as you want - from stylish everyday look to show-stopping evening look.

Lumi Lashes are gentle on your natural lashes, free of latex and substances that can irritate even sensitive eyes. Of course, all products are vegan.

Curious? Our starter kit is a good start:

Lumi Lashes Starter Kit
Lumi Lashes Starter Kit
Lumi Lashes Starter Kit
Lumi Lashes Starter Kit
Lumi Lashes Starter Kit

Lumi Lashes Starter Kit

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The Lumi Lashes starter kit contains everything you need to test our eyelash extension system and start making your own eyelash extensions at home.

The starter kit contains:

  • 30-pack lashes "Classy" in 3 different lengths: 10, 12, 14 mm
  • 2 in 1 Bond & Seal to attach & seal the lashes
  • Remover
  • Applicator

The kit comes with a description of how to use the products and you can also always look at our page "How" for tips and tricks on how to apply and use our products!

Here's how to get started with Lumi Lashes:

  1. Apply a small amount of "Bond" to the underside of your lashes. About 1 mm from the waterline. Wait about 30-45 seconds before step two.

  2. Apply the lashes one cluster at a time to the underside of your lashes. Tip is to map your lashes first on a dry and clean surface to be able to apply them more easily and quickly.

  3. Clamp the lashes together with your own lashes using the applicator. It helps make them stick around longer!
  4. Finish by applying a coat of "Seal" to the underside of your lashes to seal and give it a longer hold!

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How do I apply Lumi Lashes?
Get started in 3 easy steps

Apply bond

Apply a small amount of bond to the underside of your cleansed lashes. Bond should not be brushed on like mascara, but only dab on a small amount about 1 mm from the waterline. Wait about 30 seconds before proceeding to the next step.


Apply lashes

Apply the lashes cluster by cluster. Feel free to map out the lashes and lengths you intend to use beforehand on a dry surface in front of you and the application will go smoothly. Start at the outer edge of the eye and apply inwards.

All lashes

Squeeze & seal

When you have applied all the clusters, take the applicator and pinch the lashes against your real eyelashes. Finish by applying a layer of "Seal" on the underside of the lash line to get an extra durable result.

From Day to Night

Next level lash game

Forget mascara or expensive and time-consuming salon visits. Apply easily at home in 3 easy steps and enjoy your lashes for up to 7 days. With Lumi Lashes, the look is ready from morning to night. Curious? Our starter kit is a perfect start!

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Classy or full glam look? Are you ready to take your lash game to the next level? Choose between different length, volume and style of your lashes. Find your look in our shop!

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3 easy steps

Lumi Lashes are applied in 3 simple steps: "Bond - Lash - Clamp & Seal". It's never been faster, easier or cheaper to take your lashes to 2.0.

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No, Lumi Lashes are not harmful to your own eyelashes. Always use remover to remove lashes and clean thoroughly between applications.

Regular false eyelashes are applied to last a day/night, while Lumi Lashes last up to 7 days. Lumi Lashes are in smaller clusters and have an extra thin, almost invisible band that holds the lashes together and makes them ultra light. They are also applied to the underside of the lashes, which in terms of appearance makes them virtually seamless against your own lashes.

The lashes are made from Korean PBT faux mink - completely vegan

Yes, but avoid getting products or water on the lashes. Instead, clean this area with a cotton pad where it is difficult to reach. Be careful with too much oil-based products around the eye area too as these contribute to dissolving the bond.